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I'm proud to report the following deals I've brokered on behalf of my clients:

picture book (illustrations)

Lee & Low

I'll Build You a Bookcase

In partnership with the William Penn Foundation and OpenIDEO, Lee & Low Books is publishing this sweet picture book which celebrates the joy of reading and discovering new stories with a child, and will be available in four bilingual editions (Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese, and Mandarin). Text is written by Jean Ciborowski Fahey.

Simone Shin

MG (text)

HarperCollins Canada

Forever Birchwood

Sold in a pre-empt, this debut middle-grade novel by an award-winning picture book author-illustrator, stars Wolf, an adventurous 12-year-old, explores her Indigenous roots while she and her three best friends fight to protect the wilderness surrounding their northern mining town from developers, and to keep their once stable friendship from unraveling.

Danielle Daniel

picture book (illustrations)

Holiday House/Ferguson

The Sharing Book

In which readers follow a child throughout a day on a camping trip and explores the opportunities that arise for sharing with others, from meals to fun, from stories to hugs. Text written by Dianne White, who is represented by Jennifer Rofé at Andrea Brown Literary Agency.

Simone Shin

picture book (illustrations)

PRH/Flamingo Books

I Am Smart, I Am Blessed, I Can Do Anything!

The first title scheduled for publication with Margaret Anastas's new Flamingo Books list at Penguin, this picture book is based on the real story of a boy whose self-motivational words went viral. Text written by Alissa Holder and Zulekha Holder-Young, who are represented by Kirsten Hall at Catbird Productions.

Nneka Myers

nonfiction picture book (text)

Macmillan/Roaring Brook Press

Break the Glass Slipper: Real Princesses and How They Are Changing the World

A counterpoint to fairy-tale figures in sparkly pink ballgowns that showcases present-day princesses who are empowered young women enacting social change and furthering humanitarian causes around the world. To be illustrated by Dung Ho.

Carrie Pearson

nonfiction picture book (illustrations)

PRH/Knopf Children's

The Girl Who Built an Ocean

A biography of seamstress-turned-naturalist Jeanne Villepreux-Power, who invented the world's first aquarium and solved one of the ocean's oldest mysteries, intertwining artistic inspiration and scientific discovery. Text written by Jess Keating, who is represented by Kathleen Rushall at Andrea Brown Literary Agency.

Michelle Mee Nutter

novelty book (illustrations)

Macmillan UK/Campbell Books

The Little Mermaid

A new book in the First Stories Series of novelty board books by Campbell Books.

Nneka Myers

picture book (illustrations)

Walker Books Australia

Road Trip!

A picture book about a rambunctious romp of a family road trip around Australia looking for the right place to celebrate Aunty's birthday with a cake. Text written by Jackie Hosking.

Lesley Vamos

3 novelty books (illustrations)

Little Bee Books

Unicorn Munch, Turkey Gobble, and Santa Snack

Three interactive, novelty board books for the Crunchy Board Books series.

Allison Black

MG (illustrations)


Derby Daredevils #3: Tomoko Takes The Lead

The third book in The Derby Daredevils series, in which the Daredevils get lost in a strange city during roller derby camp, and shy Tomoko's wilderness know-how might be the team's only chance at skating out of the urban jungle. Text written by Kit Rosewater, who is represented by Lauren Spieller at TriadaUS Literary Agency.

Sophie Escabasse

picture book (text & art)

Sounds True

The Rhino Suit

A story about a highly empathetic girl who builds a rhino suit to keep herself from feeling everything so deeply.

Colter Jackson

MG (illustrations)

HarperCollins Canada

Ice Chips 6-8

Illustrations for the sixth, seventh, and eighth books in the Ice Chips series, following a ragtag hockey team who travel through time. Text written by Roy MacGregor and Kerry MacGregor.

Kim Smith

2 MG graphic novels (text & art)

HarperCollins/Harper Alley

A-Okay + Untitled Book 2

A semi-autobiographical story featuring a 13-year-old with severe bouts of acne who's battling his skin, the side effects of a potent acne prescription, and his understanding of being ace, all while trying to survive eighth grade.

Jarad Greene

early reader (text)

PRH/Random House Children's

If I Had Your Vote

A sequel to Dr. Seuss's THE CAT IN THE HAT and THE CAT COMES BACK, written by the Cat himself – with a little help from the author – explaining in rhyme what changes he would make to the White House if elected President of the United States.

Alastair Heim

picture book (text & art)


Mine, Mine, Mine, Yours!

A companion to Kimberly's UP, UP, UP, DOWN! which features the interactions of a group of kids on a playdate learning to share and play together.

Kimberly Gee

novelty book (text)

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Baby's Here!

An interactive board book that encourages the bond between child and new baby through nurturing activities from peek-a-boo to gentle rocking. To be illustrated by Genevieve Godbout, who is represented by Emily van Beek at Folio Literary Agency.

Jessica Young

two young graphic novel (text & art)


Shelby & Watts 1-2

A chapter book graphic novel series about a fox and a badger who are neighbors, best friends, and share a love of discovery and solving environmental mysteries.

Ashlyn Anstee

picture book (illustrations)

Kids Can Press

International Day of the Girl Child

Part of the CitizenKid collection, a picture book celebrating the establishment of the UN's International Day of the Girl as a day to focus on the specific needs and rights of girls around the world. Text written by written by Jessica Dee Humphreys and Rona Ambrose,

Simone Shin

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