Recent Deals

I'm proud to report the following deals I've brokered on behalf of my clients:

MG graphic novel

HarperCollins/Harper Alley

A-Okay + Untitled Book 2

A semi-autobiographical story featuring a 13-year-old with severe bouts of acne who's battling his skin, the side effects of a potent acne prescription, and his understanding of being ace, all while trying to survive eighth grade.

Jarad Greene


Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Baby's Here!

An interactive board book encourage the bond between child and new baby through nurturing activities from peek-a-boo to gentle rocking. To be illustrated by Genevieve Godbout (Genevieve is represented by Emily van Beek, Folio Literary).

Jessica Young

early reader text

PRH/Random House Children's

If I Had Your Vote

A sequel to Dr. Seuss's THE CAT IN THE HAT and THE CAT COMES BACK, written by the Cat himself -- with a little help from the author -- explaining in rhyme what changes he would make to the White House if elected President of the United States.

Alastair Heim

picture book illustration

Kids Can Press

International Day of the Girl Child

Part of the CitizenKid collection, a book written by Jessica Dee Humphreys and Rona Ambrose, celebrating the establishment of the UN's International Day of the Girl as a day to focus on the specific needs and rights of girls around the world. For publication in September 2020.

Simone Shin

picture book


Mine, Mine, Mine, Yours!

A companion to Kimberly's UP, UP, UP, DOWN! which features the interactions of a group of kids on a playdate learning to share and play together.

Kimberly Gee

young graphic novel


Shelby & Watts 1-2

A chapter book graphic novel series about a fox and a badger who are neighbors, best friends, and share a love of discovery and solving environmental mysteries.

Ashlyn Anstee

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