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Kelly is seeking submissions in these categories:


I am a long-time, passionate reader of comics and have been representing graphic novels for over 14 years and have been consistently ranked as one of the top 5 dealmakers in Children's Graphic Novels according to Publishers Marketplace. I love humorous, realistic and fantastical adventures for a juvenile audience or personal, layered stories for older teen audiences.

I look for stories about unique, memorable characters who face (and overcome!) common childhood (including preteen and teen) challenges in engaging, and surprising ways. I love stories that bring to mind the real life child conflicts that are universal to all of us.

I am also very interested in nonfiction GNs for all ages. In nonfiction in all areas, I'm looking for important topics, accessible content, and fresh and evocative treatments.


I am on the lookout for dynamic illustrators of picture books and graphic novels. Both author-illustrators (artists who want to write their own stories), as well as artists who want to illustrate other writers' stories. I enjoy developing an artist's portfolio, honing in on their goals as a creator, and working with them on short-term and long-term strategy.

I also have a special interest in books authored by nonbinary and transgender folx for all age groups, but particularly those for younger readers. Books exploring the subjects of toxic masculinity as well as male feminism are of particular interest (and the interests discussed in this paragraph would supercede the limits of the above categories/formats; if you are a transgender, nonbinary, or genderqueer author with a picture book, chapter book, MG or YA, or if you are cisgender and have a project with themes of toxic masculinity or male feminism, please send!).

I also continue to be open to referrals from clients and publishing professionals who know my taste, including in categories not mentioned above.

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